We know how very important timely, high quality medical documentation is to patient care. At Transcription Works, our job is to develop simple, cost-effective and efficient medical documentation solutions for healthcare facilities. Our experience and technical expertise, coupled with our flexible approach, allows us to do exactly that!


We also have expertise in transcribing business meetings and conferences, podcasts, webinars, focus groups,marketing surveys, interviews or simple office dictation and other recorded events.  We work with a variety of business entities including insurance companies, law enforcement and marketing. Converting audio and video files to text documents is an often time-consuming process and our experienced transcriptionists can take that responsibility from you and your staff and save you time and money while you get professional documents back on your desk fast and done right the first time.  All transcription is done confidentially by professional transcriptionists with years of experience and located here in the United States.

For those providers who have moved to back-end speech recognition software we can help edit your documents to make that final signed medical record as accurate as you need it to be.  Many providers have embraced speech recognition as a way to move forward with today’s technology.  Back-end speech recognition can appear to a physician like the traditional dictation/transcription presentation. Providers normally dial into the system from a wall phone or a mobile device and dictate into the speech recognition software. A document is produced and later edited by a medical transcriptionist for accuracy.

While front-end speech offers potential to meet industry needs, it’s generally assumed that back-end speech recognition leads to greater accuracy because you have the experience of a trained medical transcriptionist behind you making sure what you meant to say is actually what is transcribed, which will give you the most accurate final document.

For a transcription company that provides timely transcription service without compromising quality of your transcripts, Transcription Works is the absolute best choice. Our transcription company provides clients with high quality transcription services. And to us, that quality means more than just transcribing your audio into a professional, accurate document. Transcription Works believes in earning the right to serve you through outstanding transcription services from initial inquiry to final transcript delivery along with excellent customer service. We're here when you need us!


Physicians, don’t let your EHR prevent you from capturing your patient’s full story.


A large population of physicians - as many as 30% or more - express on-going frustration with their EHR-based clinical documentation workflow.  For many of those physicians, a greater use of dictation and transcription - provided it is in a searchable text format - could represent a faster, easier and less frustrating means of documenting their patient encounters.

EHRs are important, but when it comes to clinical documentation they’re often inadequate at capturing the context and the individuality of a patient’s story. Many physicians prefer to dictate the qualitative information of their patient visits— like the History, Assessment and Plan. And with Transcription Works those context-rich sections and transcribed patient notes can be seamlessly imported into your patients’ record within your EHR.


In summary, there is nothing in Meaningful Use that restricts healthcare providers from using dictation and transcription to document those sections of the patient encounter not specifically cited as needing to be structured.  For those physicians experiencing high levels of frustration with their EHR-based clinical documentation tools, transcription could provide an effective alternative for documenting those parts of the patient encounter that are not mandated for capture via the EHR's structured data capture tools.


In addition to medical and business transcription, we also offer outstanding service for virtual secretary and legal transcription of your audio files. Our legal transcriptionists each have years of expertise in the areas of law including employment, criminal, family, business, insurance and probate.

We know you're busy - you have patients/clients to see and deadlines to meet. We will provide you with reliable and confidential transcription documents delivered when you need it - same day or next day. And with over 25 years experience in providing business transcription, medical transcription, and legal transcription services, we are experts in quality. Try us and we'll show you why...


"Transcription Works! has been wonderful for my physicians.  Through this transcription company, they have seen a significant decrease in spelling and punctuation errors in comparison to previous services utilized. I would recommend Transcription Works! to anyone looking for fast, convenient, and accurate transcription services."

~Joy, Physical Medicine & Rehab Clinic

"We have been utilizing Transcription Works for the transcription of our dictation since early January of 2010.  We found that Sandy Brende and her team of transcriptionists have been very pleasant and very accommodating to work with.  We have experienced the highest level of accuracy in their work with quick turnaround.  In short, we highly recommend Transcription Works based upon their performance for our surgical practice and we are looking forward to continuing to utilize them in the future for our transcription needs."

~ Mark - Surgical Group Clinic

"I have been working with Ms. Sandy Brende and her company, Transcription Works! since approximately March of 2009.  Since that time I truly believe she has improved the quality of my practice in such that she has provided a high degree of professionalism in her work.  She and her team have always returned fast, quality transcription as well as an adaptability to my changing needs and they have been able to do some jobs that have been very difficult and in very short notice.  I appreciate them very much!"

~ FB, Psychiatry Clinic

"We have been utilizing TW since June of 2011 and working with Sandy has been a pleasure.  The communication with TW has been tremendous and the turnaround time has always been very quick, typically within 24 hours, but oftentimes better. I highly recommend TW to any organization looking for a way to keep up with dictation."

~ Brenda, Behavioral Health Clinic


Thank you for considering Transcription Works for your transcription needs. I invite you to explore our website and get to know what Transcription Works can do for you. We are excited to work with you!