Home Tips

Tips for dictators to help us provide you with the most accurate transcript:

  1. Eliminate dictating near open doors and windows or dictating in crowded rooms to minimize background noise. Often the transcriptionist can hear the person behind you talking more clearly than she can hear you and YOU are the most important one for us to hear!
  2. Please… do not eat while dictating.
  3. Test your equipment before beginning dictation. Low batteries and faulty microphones can end with a bad recording or cause blank spots in your dictation.
  4. If you use tapes, record on maximum speed to avoid expanding the tape and distorting speech.
  5. Test the acoustics in the room you are in. High ceilings and large rooms can affect the quality of your audio.

On conference calls or group meetings, legal hearings, etc…

  1. Have one participant speak at a time. If names are important, try having participants state their first name before their response.
  2. Have a microphone for each speaker whenever possible. If that's not possible, kindly remind participants to speak into the microphone to best record their comments.